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©2017 Worldmaking.net

 We publish progressive community songs in a rich diversity of styles.


For our freshest stuff, get the online songfeed via


Click for intro video.


Richard Bruxvoort Colligan has a true gift for envisioning the future of community prayer.

Marty Haugen

Resources that help the sleeping church wake up!

Susan Mendenhall,

Spatial Impact Consulting

Richard's music is so important in my ministry and my life!  His music adds color and shape to much of what I do and proclaim.

Rev. Julie Scheer Johnson
Fircrest Presbyterian Church 

Seattle, WA


Make a New Heart

A prayer of renewal for Psalm 51. Great for Lent. Get sheet music here.

His musical skills are modern and eclectic, yet his texts give voice to things ancient and holy.

His hope is clear: that you and your congregation will join your voices with those of the church in every time and place.

Jay Beech, Center for Worship and Music Studies

"Richard's ability to balance personal and communal spirituality with intelligent liturgical theology brings welcome additions to the repertoire of congregational song"

Scott Stivers, Minister of Music

Richard is a passionate, engaging musician... his songs bridge the gap between contemporary style and liturgical substance.

Rev. Josh Nelson (ELCA)


Richard's music is as perfect for our small congregation as it is for our internet ministry. Whether I need a choir piece or a song for our congregation to sing, Richard's music always fits.

Rev. Libby Feagans-King

Bethel UCC, Cahokia, IL

Yes, there are songs of hope, joy and rejoicing, but like the psalmists of old, Richard does not shy away from the messy stuff-anger, grief, dispair, worry and sorrow. Richard truly is a psalmist for such a time as this. 


Jane Feagans-King, choir director/organist

Bethel UCC, Cahokia, IL

Richard's musical versions of the Psalms are grounded in careful, sensitive, and faithful interpretation of the Book of Psalms. His translations and poetic paraphrases consistently capture and highlight what is important, and his wedding of text and tune is beautifully appropriate and compelling.


Rev. Dr. Clint McCann,
Evangelical Professor of Biblical Interpretation

Eden Theological Seminary