Anna of Asher, celebrating the prophetess from Luke 2

Brother Sister Creaturesan animal blessing around Psalm 104.

The Cathedral, celebrating goodness of earthy things

Christ Withina Lorica prayer.

Do Not Lose Heart, singing courage

Eat This Mystery, for Holy Communion.

Eucharist, a song of gratitude for Holy Communion.

Even Death Now, a chant of a Hafiz poem for All Saints.

Even the Stork, a song for Jeremiah 8:7

The Flag is Too Close to the Cross, a lament for the collusion of patriotism with faith.

Forty Days, hoping, waiting, trusting in Lent.

God, Make Me a Channel, the Prayer of St. Francis.

Ground and Source of All That Is, a hymn of fresh images, metaphors and models for God.

Holy Bodyproclaiming loudly that we belong to one another.

Holy Company, the Beatitudes for all of us in a tight spot.

How Good To Be Togethera Gathering Song with Psalm 133 building a culture of transparency.

Imago Dei, a meditation on being the image of God in the world.

Imani Moja, A World Communion Song in English and Swahili

Lament, A faithful song of grief with the holy company of sad scripture stories.

Meal of Creation, celebrating the Eucharist with the whole world.

Now I Am Revealing, singing Isaiah 48:6

O Great Lover Who Pursues Us, singing the Lover/Beloved allegory of Song of Songs

Ode to Fruit, singing the fruit of the Spirit from Ephesians 5.

One Heart with a New Spirit, an upbeat prayer with Ezekiel for renewal and transformation.

Speak Up!, for those moments you know it's time to take a risk.

This Body is Holy, an affirmation of physical bodies and how we treat one another.

This Creative Love, a celebration of God's creative, unfailing and expansive love.

To the One Making Way, generous hospitality for immigrants.

We Light a Candle, an Advent candle-lighting song.

We Pray, We Love, an experimental prayer song.

We Say Yes to You, a whole-hearted affirmation

The Word of God Fleshed, an Advent justice song.

We Work For Peace, a protest song about love and heartbreak.

Your Light Has Come, a short Epiphany piece for Isaiah 60.

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Branching Out: Acoustic Worship (2017)

28 congregational songs in a Eucharist worship setting. Includes a wide variety of styles from hymn forms to full band rockers, liturgical chants to cantor-congregation response songs.

 The Worldmaking song cycle was part of Richard's MA thesis at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Excavating his liturgical tradition, this music flowed out of both historical research (particularly in the case of the Kyrie, Sanctus, Nunc Dimittis and the Eucharistic ordo) and the spiritual practice of integrating 21st-century imaginition with these ancient pieces. 

CD/download, songbook/download.

"Worldmaking bounds past most with regards to singability and musical appeal... Beatle-esque pop canticles."

-Worship Leader magazine

"Inspiring, transforming, life-giving, and full of the love of God. AND it can be sung by the whole congregation."

- Rev. Don Portwood

  Lyndale UCC, Minneapolis, MN

Engaging and accessible songs perfect for children and youth of all ages... Your outdoor ministry community needs this! 

Jacob Nault

College student/worship leader

Pilgrim Center camp (UCC)

Ripon, WI


 Refreshingly catchy, memorable, uplifting and singable tunes, with easy words (and chords!).

Larry Stacy

Director, Spirit Driven worship band

People of Hope (ELCA), Rochester, MN

...A rare combination in youth ministry settings—good music with grace-centered theology.  The songs evoke playful and thoughtful participation through energetic and reflective melodies joined to lyrics that summon us to shared life in Christ... a rich variety of Biblical stories, images and metaphors that resonate deeply in camp settings.  

Rev. Mike Blair

Campus pastor, Luther College

Decorah, IA 






 Accessible, fun songs with mindfulness and depth.

Rev. Dan Kahl (ELCA)  

More music coming here soon!