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O Great Lover Who Pursues Us

A love song based on Song of Songs and the poetry of St. Augustine.

O Great Lover who pursues us, come delight to stir our hearts 
Call us back with full devotion Kindle now your fire in us 
Let us scent you, taste your sweetness Carry us away to thrive 
Let us love you ever deeper Let us hasten to your side 

Bounding o’er the hills you beckon, “Rise, my love and come away”. 
Winter’s past and Spring is blooming Now has come the time to sing 
Wake the winds upon this garden Waft the fragrance all around 
We with joy to you belonging dance within your perfect love 

Who is like our great Beloved now appearing as the dawn? 
All of heav’n in grand procession praise Love’s beauty bright as the sun 
Set us as a seal upon you Troubled hearts will find their rest 
Yours is love to stand harsh waters, love that lives as strong as death

text © 2018 (ASCAP) 

All rights reserved. Use only with permission, please.

Licensed via, CCLI and

tune: Hyfrydol

Sing it with your circle

The Chart Package

  • piano score

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  • jpg of congregational line for bulletins/projection

  • lyric sheet

  • songleader's guide

The Accompaniment Pack

  • all charts above PLUS:

  • powerpoint lyric slides

  • original mp3 recording

  • mp3 instrumental accompaniment track

O Great Lover Who Pursues Us

Chart Package

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O Great Lover Who Pursues Us

Accomp Pack

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