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A mid-week Lenten service

"Finally, something special for Lent, like Holden Evening Prayer is for Advent."




"Great songs! I've never run across something so mystically-geared and theologically-grounded."

"A deeply healing experience for our community."

"My people sang their hearts out!"

"Silence is a rare and beautiful element in worship. Thanks for a service that invites us to experience that."

"Fresh, singable songs, rich silences, Holy Communion... I'm glad we found this 'service for Protestant mystics.'"

Hidden With Christ


"Hidden With Christ" is a short, contemplative service (25-35 minutes total) with Holy Communion, well-suited to a regular mid-week gathering through Lent.

The heart of the service is three texts from Colossians, six short congregational songs and periods of rich silence to take it all in. There is no sermon slot unless you care to add it. Both formats of bulletin can be easily customized or use the powerpoint slides to go paperless.



- 2 Pew Editions: 8.5" x 14" and large print 8.5" x 11" tall.

- Leader's Edition with prompts and space for your custom notes.

- PowerPoint slides for an entirely paperless service.

- Piano scores, lyrics, melody lines & guitar/bass charts for all 6 songs.

- Clear instructions for worship leaders from so things go well.

- mp3 recordings of all 6 songs PLUS accomp tracks for rehearsals.


“Turning” refers to the change of the earth-seasons that happens as Winter gives way to Spring in the northern hemisphere. It also reflects the call to renewal through repentance (turning) that Lent invites.

Colossians 3:3 offers an intriguing expression for the spiritual life: being “hidden with Christ in God.” Mysticism blended with the letter’s pragmatic call to faith and service makes for a creative place to gather.

The letter to the Colossians describes the transformation that is possible in community because of the indwelling of the Spirit of Christ:

  • In Christ, “all things hold together” (1:17)

  • Christ is within them (1:27)

  • The people represent the “hope of glory” (1:27)

  • Christ’s new life obliterates old offenses (2:13-15)

  • They are hidden with Christ in God (3:3)

  • Christ is their life (3:4) and

  • The word of Christ dwells within them (3:16)

All these phrases locate the Christ both within and surrounding the people of God-- a theme worthy of our attention through a full season.

This “within and surrounding” Christ invites a theology of incarnation appropriate in Lent. As we follow the deep stories of Jesus on Sundays, Colossians at mid-week completes the picture of sharing Christ’s life in all its urgent mystery.


Six simple congregational songs are in the service, all previously published in the Worldmaking collection. 

  • Witness of Our Need: O Tender God, Have Mercy

  • Meditation Song: Open Unto Me

  • Centering Song: Hidden With Christ

  • Song of the Table: O Christ, Lamb of God

  • Post-Communion Canticle: Holy One, Now Let Your Servants Go

  • Closing Hymn: O Christ, Surround Me


only $47.00

All materials are delivered as PDF, mp3, jpg and ppt downloads.


Note: You must have a license via CCLI, or to use this service. A license form is included in the package. 

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