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Sheet Music

The Chart Package

  • piano score

  • lead sheet

  • guitar/bass chart

  • jpg of congregational line for bulletins/projection

  • songleader's guide

  • 2 mp3 instrumental tracks

  • ppt lyric slides

Nothing Can Pull Us Away

Chart Package

Only $10.00

Nothing Can Pull Us Away


Nothing can pull us away
Nothing can pull us away-ay-ay
Nothing can pull us away
from this love, This love

verse 1:

Not life or death, not the past or the future
No power on earth. Yes, you can be sure

verse 2:

Not highs or lows, nothing in or around us
No matter how lost, yes, you can be found.

verse 3:

Not pain or fear, not the failure of justice
No trouble so deep. Yes, you can trust this

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