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A grateful song for Holy Communion 

Verse 1: 

People have come from the north and the south, 
come from the east and the west 
All walks of life crossing borders and walls 
All of us glad to be guests 

Some who are usually first will be last 
Some who are usually last will be first 


Eucharist, Eucharist: Thanksgiving 
Eucharist, Eucharist: Thanksgiving 
for what was and is and is to be 
Eucharist, Eucharist: Thanksgiving 

Verse 2:

People have come from the depths and the heights, 
come from the right and the left 
Any and all are the family of God 
All of us welcomed and blessed 

Some who are used to being first will be last 
Some who are used to being last will be first

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Sheet Music

The Chart Package

  • piano score

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  • jpg of congregational line for bulletins/projection

  • songleader's guide


Chart Package


The Accompaniment Pack

  • all charts above PLUS:

  • powerpoint lyric slides

  • original mp3 recording

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Accomp Pack


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