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Whole and Holy, Called in Christ

Chart Package

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Whole and Holy, Called in Christ

Whole and holy, called in Christ

Loved and enjoyed in the heart of God
We God's people, living together
All of us welcomed for what we are

Wide and open arms to love
Holding a refuge to tell our truth
We God's people, all celebrating
Every discovery journeyed true

We remember longest nights
Stormy and fearful before the dawn
We God's people, ever in process
Honoring breakthroughs and openings

Brave and glorious, hearts aglow
Once we were strangers alone, afraid
We God's people, a church slowly learning
Christ's urgent call to respect and bless

Hearts are beating, eyes are clear
Hailing the beauty of all who come
We God's people, never completed
Ever embracing the whole of us


© 2004 This Here Music/ (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Use with permission, please. Licensed via and CCLI.

Sheet Music

The Chart Package

  • piano score

  • melody line

  • guitar/bass chart

  • mp3 instrumental track

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