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Forty Days

Lenten hoping, waiting and trusting.

Verse 1: 
Rising water forty days, then Noah opened up the window

Rain and flooding chaos with no sky. 

On the mountain forty days, our Moses swallowed in a cloud of

dreadful holy presence all that time.


Forty days of hoping, waiting, trusting

til the season ripens true.

Verse 2: 

Taunting giant forty days Goliath every morn and evening

in the valley terror and dismay.

Ninevah had forty days The people listened well to Jonah

All were spared because they changed their ways.     Refrain

Verse 3: 

Fearful journey forty days, Elijah to the holy mountain

Two small meals sustaining flesh and soul.

Tested, tempted forty days, our Jesus in the aching desert,

 evil pressing in and all alone.    Refrain

Verse 4:  

Trust is ripening within, the seed beginning to break open

We together journey Lenten time

Somehow nourished as we go and somehow guided in the mystery

with the holy presence every night.      Refrain

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Sheet Music

The Chart Package

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Forty Days Chart Package


The Accompaniment Pack

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